How Chiropractic Helps With Lumbago?

Health / Saturday, July 29th, 2017

What is lumbar pain or lumbago?

According to WHO (World Health Organization), back pain or lower back is not a disease in itself. It is a pain of varying duration in an area of the anatomy, affected so frequently that has become a paradigm of responses to internal and external stimuli. The incidence of low back pain are similar throughout the world, but this condition is a major causeĀ of disability and inability to perform tasks of daily living and working. It is also detrimental to the quality of life and a cause of medical consultation. This is one of the cases where chiropractic care can relieve the patient. In many cases the origin is uncertain, and only in a minority of cases, there is a direct explanation with an existing organic disease.

According to the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine, back pain is defined as pain syndrome located in the lumbar region eventually in gluteal irradiation, hips or distal abdomen.

In the acute stage, this syndrome is exacerbated by all movements and in the chronic form only by certain movements of the lumbar spine. When the neurological root is compromised, it becomes lumbago sciatica and pain is experienced in one or both ends. Sciatica Chiropractic treatment is an effective therapy that provides lasting relief.

Types of back pain

Lower back pain can be in the form of acute pain may appear gradually or suddenly, or as chronic pain. It can be more complex, longer duration (from 3 months) or persists after the lesion healed. One of the main differences between acute and chronic low back pain is that in the first cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social factors take on special importance in maintaining pain.


A low back pain may be due to some factors, such as infectious lesions, traumatic, to mild or moderate efforts, poor sleep, vicious postures, muscle weakness, mechanical overload, etc. In response to etiological factors, the specific cause of most back pain is both acute and chronic disorders of the different structures that form the spine, such as ligaments, muscles, vertebral discs, vertebrae and bones in the pelvis.


Treatment can be as varied as the cause of lower back pain, there are various treatments to address it. In some cases, the pain disappears in a few days or weeks with the application of conventional treatments or no treatment. However, there are patients in whom chronic back pain, high rate of disability. The largest percentage within this group are the cases in which pain is considered unspecific or unclassifiable, in which conventional treatment obtains a high failure rate. It is this group of patients that chiropractic service can achieve a definitive solution to their pain because it addresses the problem at its source.

Today accepted treatments are rest and analgesics (traditional treatment of back pain). There are guidelines given for acute pain for 2 or 3 days, if extended it promotes muscle atrophy and loss of bone mass. Whereas, if we have a situation in which there is a gap or vertebrae or bone subluxation pain will remain or will be shortly experienced. Chiropractic treatment is recommended in this case is an effective therapy and rapid resolution.

Effects and benefits of treating back pain with chiropractic.

Chiropractic makes a difference when treating back pain for the same reason that it is a useful tool to treat any pathology or dysfunction. For the simple fact that this profession addresses the problem at its source, not treat signs or symptoms of injury and/or pathology but addresses the direct cause, which corresponds to a vertebral subluxation or bone.

Chiropractic proper evaluation managesĀ to determine what type of dysfunction is causing discomfort or unbearable pain experienced by patients with lumbago.

Once dysfunction is clear, a few chiropractic adjustments are applied. Along with further handling, it functions as a perfect therapy for this type of dysfunction, shortening recovery time, resolve the annoying back pain and improve overall health and well-being.

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