5 Tips in Choosing The Perfect Nail Salon

Health / Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

A trip to a nail salon can mean two things – a relaxing moment or a complete disaster. Getting nail art can be quite a treat for all your hard work or you just want to pamper your tired toes. However, it’s not always a paradise in some nail bars. Maybe you have some friends who have shared their horror stories of nail salons which scarred them for life. Perhaps the technician was too busy chatting that she nipped a finger or maybe the salon was unhygienic for someone to enter in the first place.

There are many circumstances, and it varies on different nail salons. Unfortunately, some nasty salons would do more damage to you than any good. Instead of healthy and lovely nails, you might end up with a terrible infection.

Today, we’re going to share some tips in choosing nail salons that can give you pamper and satisfaction at the same time.

Do your research.

For every business that you need to try, whether it’s a nail salon or a med spa, you need to do a background check. There are a lot of online directories where previous clients leave some helpful reviews. You can also see photos from customer’s experiences which can let you decide if it’s something you’d like to have. Some people might even recommend a particular technician who you should take note of. It’s better to know what to expect than to be caught in surprise for something you don’t want.

Check also if they are licensed. Some businesses might be running illegally, and you don’t want to take part in that.

Cleanliness does matter.

You can take a look at their floors, bathrooms and the overall premise. If they have a lot of dirt and nail clippings on the floor, you ought to find a better one. A good nail salon must maintain being clean at all times. Also, ask about how they clean their tools. Do they sanitize them thoroughly or just use the same tools without cleaning up? Don’t be afraid to ask questions for an infection is not a laughing matter.

Check the products.

As a customer, it’s your right to know what products are being applied on your nails. Some products contain toxic chemicals that you need to avoid such as dibutyl phthalate or DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. You might get brittle and dry nails that would be devastating. Ask technicians about the ingredients as it will affect the health of your nails. I always ask nail bars near me for the brands they’re using, and it helps.

Technicians must be concerned with your health.

If your technician is busy in selling you additional services rather than the condition of your nails, you need to turn your back and look for another salon that cares. Technicians could easily spot some problems that you might have on your nails that need attention. Some might even give you some tips on how to take care of your nails at home. A good salon would always consider your health to be the priority.

A pedicure or manicure should not be painful.

You should not experience pain when opting for nail services. If you feel pain, your technician is doing it wrong and maybe not trained enough. For instance, drills should not touch your natural nail bed. Nails can thin out easily that way. An experience at a nail salon should be soothing and not cringe-worthy!

Next time you want to reward and pamper yourself by going to a nail salon or a med spa, make sure to remember these tips to avoid any unwanted problems. As a client, you deserve an excellent treatment that is worth every dollar.

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