Top Benefits Of Green Smoothies

Diet, Food, Health / Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

This is one of the healthiest foods that needs to be part of your regular diet. To some, green smoothies are already a part of their everyday meal because of the known nutrients. A green smoothie a day can change your life into healthier and more energetic. 8761976567_9d17a34a95_b

Most people do not eat green leafy vegetables. Drinking green smoothies is one of the best ways to get your greens without chewing them. You have the option to add fruits that you like and blend them according to your own taste. One to two cup of every day is recommended. This article will discuss the top ten benefits when drinking green smoothies regularly.

  • They are nutritious because they contain 40% organic ingredients and 60% of fruit mix. There are no added flavors or sugar that makes them suitable even for people who are suffering from any major or minor health disorder.  
  • They are easy to digest. The combination of fruit and green cells get ruptured easily. They are a perfect blend of fruit and vegetables. With this, this makes it easy for the body to absorb all the nutrients. Fiber rich food aids in your body’s digestive system.7838583286_7d982ed6c2_k
  • They help in maintaining the cholesterol level of your body. It also improves your immunity to colds and flu.
  • They are best for kids. They don’t need to chew green leafy vegetables. You can try to combine fruits with leafy vegetables. Fruits such as mango, strawberry or apples are very popular fruits to blend with green leafy vegetables.
  • They are antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries ranked highest among the fruits studied. Beans, artichokes, and russet potatoes were tops among the vegetables.
  • They give you more energy. Apples, hummus, quinoa, salmon, eggs, beans, water and spinach are examples of fruits that give you energy.
  • They are good for improving mental clarity.  Junk foods like processed white flour and sugar can block our minds which make our brains feel cloudy.  Regular green smoothies can clear your mind and free up your creativity which makes you more productive.  With green smoothies, your cravings for junk foods will decrease as well. You can try to create a weekly plan of green smoothies recipe. With this, you are able to follow a specific recipe every day. After a few weeks of drinking smoothies, you will find yourself craving healthier foods such as fruits and green leafy vegetables.

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