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More than 250 million work days are lost each year due to headache at a cost of 25 billion dollars per year. Studies have shown that approximately two-thirds of the worldwide population suffer from headaches and unfortunately for about one-fifth of the population, these headaches can be both extremely painful and recurrent. Other researchers think that they result from fluctuations in the levels of certain brain chemicals, such as serotonin and endorphins, and that these fluctuations interfere with the brain’s ability to stop pain. Research shows that women experience headaches more frequently than men, although scientists and researchers aren"t exactly sure why.

Despite the fact that so many of us suffer from headaches and/or migraines, however, very few of us take the time to determine the root cause of our pain and take precautionary measures toward preventing future headaches.

Jacksonville, Florida Chiropractor For Headache


Chiropractic Care in Jacksonville, Florida for Headaches

Research shows that spinal manipulation – one of the primary treatments provided by doctors of chiropractic – may be an effective treatment option for tension headaches and headaches that originate in the neck. Extensive research has addressed the many types of headache and the last year has seen several important publications investigating the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment and spinal manipulation. Chiropractic therapy in Jacksonville, Florida does not include drugs or surgery, but uses X-rays and other exams to analyze how the patient’s spine might impact the patient’s health.

Depending on the findings of the history and patient examination, the chiropractor may recommend patient reassurance, manual therapies, modalities and lifestyle recommendations including rehabilitation. However, in most cases of tension headaches, significant improvement is accomplished through manipulation of the upper two cervical vertebrae, coupled with adjustments to the junction between the cervical and thoracic spine.

Speak with your chiropractor about your lifestyle choices if you are suffering from frequent migraines, they may be able to help you adopt healthier habits that can change your health and your headaches for the better.

How to Choose the Right Jacksonville, Florida Chiropractor

Because the treatment process involved in chiropractic is a physical process, you should seek a doctor you feel is competent and trustworthy. A good chiropractor in Jacksonville, Florida 32202 will recommend only the best treatment for your quickest and best results; not-so-good chiropractors will recommend you sign up for a package of long-term treatment even before seeing how you respond to treatment. Making sure the Chiropractor you are about to see has the proper licensure is a very important factor. As with all professionals, chiropractors should be registered with the official board in their sector to prove they are qualified and trusted.

Before starting treatment, it is usually best to conduct a telephone interview or request an in-office consultation to learn more about the chiropractor, the clinic, and techniques used.

The following may be warning signs:

  • Unnecessary repeat x-ray studies
  • Pressure to sign up for or attend maintenance or preventive care programs.
  • Pre-sold treatment “packages"
  • No improvement or even worsening does not result in reexamation or referral elsewhere
  • Months of endless care without re-examination

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How much does Chiropractic Care in Jacksonville, Florida cost?

The cost of a single visit to a Duval County, Florida chiropractor varies by your location, their practice, your method of payment, and insurance coverage. The expenses usually range from $30 to $200 for a treatment session, but most treatments fall in the middle at around $65 per session. In cases that require any additional procedures or equipment to use, a chiropractic often charges the patient for that such as x-ray, massage sessions, or acupuncture. The more intensive or advance care will add to the amount that is charged for your treatment, as will the frequency that you have to have chiropractic therapy. The answer to how much does it cost to visit a chiropractor ultimately rests on how much the therapy has saved you from pain relieving medications or treatments and sick leaves from work.

A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed that lower back pain care initiated by a chiropractor is estimated to be about 20 percent less expensive than lower back pain care initiated by a medical doctor. Most health insurance plans cover some level of chiropractic care, and treatment is also a tax-deductible medical expense, according to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA).

What to expect on my first visit?

In preparation for the chiropractic consultation, the patient will be asked to fill out forms that provide background information about his or her symptoms and condition. Your chiropractor in Jacksonville, Florida will ask about your profession and any physical activities that exacerbate pain and discomfort The chiropractor will start with a routine physical exam, then follow it with an exam that focuses on the spine, with particular attention given to the areas of complaint.

Building a therapeutic relationship with a new practitioner can take some time, but investing in good communication at the outset can help you maximize the benefit of your chiropractic treatment.