5 Tips in Choosing The Perfect Nail Salon

A trip to a nail salon can mean two things – a relaxing moment or a complete disaster. Getting nail art can be quite a treat for all your hard work or you just want to pamper your tired toes. However, it"s not always a paradise in some nail bars. Maybe you have some friends who have shared their horror stories of nail salons which scarred them for life. Perhaps the technician was too busy chatting that she nipped a finger or maybe the salon was unhygienic for someone to enter in the first place.

There are many circumstances, and it varies on different nail salons. Unfortunately, some nasty salons would do more damage to you than any good. Instead of healthy and lovely nails, you might end up with a terrible infection.

Today, we"re going to share some tips in choosing nail salons that can give you pamper and satisfaction at the same time.

Do your research.

For every business that you need to try, whether it"s a nail salon or a med spa, you need to do a background check. There are a lot of online directories where previous clients leave some helpful reviews. You can also see photos from customer"s experiences which can let you decide if it"s something you"d like to have. Some people might even recommend a particular technician who you should take note of. It"s better to know what to expect than to be caught in surprise for something you don"t want.

Check also if they are licensed. Some businesses might be running illegally, and you don"t want to take part in that.

Cleanliness does matter.

You can take a look at their floors, bathrooms and the overall premise. If they have a lot of dirt and nail clippings on the floor, you ought to find a better one. A good nail salon must maintain being clean at all times. Also, ask about how they clean their tools. Do they sanitize them thoroughly or just use the same tools without cleaning up? Don"t be afraid to ask questions for an infection is not a laughing matter.

Check the products.

As a customer, it"s your right to know what products are being applied on your nails. Some products contain toxic chemicals that you need to avoid such as dibutyl phthalate or DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. You might get brittle and dry nails that would be devastating. Ask technicians about the ingredients as it will affect the health of your nails. I always ask nail bars near me for the brands they"re using, and it helps.

Technicians must be concerned with your health.

If your technician is busy in selling you additional services rather than the condition of your nails, you need to turn your back and look for another salon that cares. Technicians could easily spot some problems that you might have on your nails that need attention. Some might even give you some tips on how to take care of your nails at home. A good salon would always consider your health to be the priority.

A pedicure or manicure should not be painful.

You should not experience pain when opting for nail services. If you feel pain, your technician is doing it wrong and maybe not trained enough. For instance, drills should not touch your natural nail bed. Nails can thin out easily that way. An experience at a nail salon should be soothing and not cringe-worthy!

Next time you want to reward and pamper yourself by going to a nail salon or a med spa, make sure to remember these tips to avoid any unwanted problems. As a client, you deserve an excellent treatment that is worth every dollar.

How Chiropractic Helps With Lumbago?

What is lumbar pain or lumbago?

According to WHO (World Health Organization), back pain or lower back is not a disease in itself. It is a pain of varying duration in an area of the anatomy, affected so frequently that has become a paradigm of responses to internal and external stimuli. The incidence of low back pain are similar throughout the world, but this condition is a major cause of disability and inability to perform tasks of daily living and working. It is also detrimental to the quality of life and a cause of medical consultation. This is one of the cases where chiropractic care can relieve the patient. In many cases the origin is uncertain, and only in a minority of cases, there is a direct explanation with an existing organic disease.

According to the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine, back pain is defined as pain syndrome located in the lumbar region eventually in gluteal irradiation, hips or distal abdomen.

In the acute stage, this syndrome is exacerbated by all movements and in the chronic form only by certain movements of the lumbar spine. When the neurological root is compromised, it becomes lumbago sciatica and pain is experienced in one or both ends. Sciatica Chiropractic treatment is an effective therapy that provides lasting relief.

Types of back pain

Lower back pain can be in the form of acute pain may appear gradually or suddenly, or as chronic pain. It can be more complex, longer duration (from 3 months) or persists after the lesion healed. One of the main differences between acute and chronic low back pain is that in the first cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social factors take on special importance in maintaining pain.


A low back pain may be due to some factors, such as infectious lesions, traumatic, to mild or moderate efforts, poor sleep, vicious postures, muscle weakness, mechanical overload, etc. In response to etiological factors, the specific cause of most back pain is both acute and chronic disorders of the different structures that form the spine, such as ligaments, muscles, vertebral discs, vertebrae and bones in the pelvis.


Treatment can be as varied as the cause of lower back pain, there are various treatments to address it. In some cases, the pain disappears in a few days or weeks with the application of conventional treatments or no treatment. However, there are patients in whom chronic back pain, high rate of disability. The largest percentage within this group are the cases in which pain is considered unspecific or unclassifiable, in which conventional treatment obtains a high failure rate. It is this group of patients that chiropractic service can achieve a definitive solution to their pain because it addresses the problem at its source.

Today accepted treatments are rest and analgesics (traditional treatment of back pain). There are guidelines given for acute pain for 2 or 3 days, if extended it promotes muscle atrophy and loss of bone mass. Whereas, if we have a situation in which there is a gap or vertebrae or bone subluxation pain will remain or will be shortly experienced. Chiropractic treatment is recommended in this case is an effective therapy and rapid resolution.

Effects and benefits of treating back pain with chiropractic.

Chiropractic makes a difference when treating back pain for the same reason that it is a useful tool to treat any pathology or dysfunction. For the simple fact that this profession addresses the problem at its source, not treat signs or symptoms of injury and/or pathology but addresses the direct cause, which corresponds to a vertebral subluxation or bone.

Chiropractic proper evaluation manages to determine what type of dysfunction is causing discomfort or unbearable pain experienced by patients with lumbago.

Once dysfunction is clear, a few chiropractic adjustments are applied. Along with further handling, it functions as a perfect therapy for this type of dysfunction, shortening recovery time, resolve the annoying back pain and improve overall health and well-being.

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Why Do You Need To Visit Spas In Jacksonville?

The corporate world is becoming tougher, and there is no way to run away from it. You can quickly become stressed because of the fast pace that is carried throughout industry, business, and commerce. The office and work can be decisive factors in contracting illnesses due to stress, and of course, the bosses also add up to the situation. Sometimes they can become more demanding than your body can bear. With this, it is expected that every individual should always ready to face the tough reality of the corporate world by becoming more competitive and physically and mentally ready at all times. This article will focus on spa treatment benefits.

Spa treatments are one of the most sought after when people are thinking about relaxation, but do you know what the spa benefits are? Most people are already aware of the good things that you can get when visiting a spa but not all. This article will list down all the known benefits so that others can have a clear idea as to why do they need to visit Spas in Jacksonville, Florida.

Some of the known spa"s benefits are the following:

  • relieves pain in muscles and joints of the body.
  • reduces stress and also anxiety.
  • prevents insomnia.
  • helps you lose weight (if treated regularly)
  • relaxes the spine and cervical contractures
  • detoxifies the body
  • nourishes your skin
  • controls and reduces hypertension
  • tends to improve body flexibility
  • prevents emotional distress

Although not all the benefits listed above can be perfectly obtained by all individuals, these are the most popular and tested by many. With this, you must take into account a spa and massage treatment visit in some spa places in Jacksonville, and any other city where you are.

In addition to helping your body, one of the known benefits of spa treatments is the improvement of the balance of your mind after a long and exhausting day of work. After receiving the treatment, you can organize your ideas, think clearly, relax mentally and prepare for the next day with everything. When done regularly, you can see the significant benefits to your mind and body.

Of course, it is emphasized that these benefits do not just end in the place where the treatment is received. There are other ways that you can relax depending on what you think your circumstances can go with. As it has been noted by many, is always good to have other types of relaxation methods in making your body and mind healthy such as exercise, business trips, socialization, meditation and the likes.

4 Great Reasons To See A Chiropractor After An Accident

It"s an unfortunate to experience a car accident, and it gets worse when you suffer from an injury you can"t seem to pinpoint. Some people might think it"s something that it"s the kind of pain that they can easily get away from especially when they think about avoiding expensive medical costs. But, the irony is the longer the damage remains undiagnosed, the higher chances of getting a chronic condition which can result in more thousands of dollars in treatment.

Most people would typically seek the help of medications and even surgery after meeting a car accident. Medications would simply relieve the pain without actually healing the damage and operations can affect your whole lifestyle. One more option that they can do though is to seek the aid of chiropractors which can provide them a drug-free healing.

This time, we"re going to discuss the four reasons why it"s necessary to see a chiropractor after an accident.

Injuries are not usually visible.

Having a broken leg or arm can be pretty obvious, but some conditions such as whiplash and sciatica are hard to spot. These can go unnoticed due to the high adrenaline levels you"re having after an accident, and maybe you"re too focused on your other visible injuries. Suffering from a hidden injury can affect your daily routine and even decrease your energy levels. It"s an excellent idea to visit a chiropractor and have the doctor examine the cause of your aches. With proper diagnosis and the right treatments, you would find yourself eventually be free from the persistent and unseen pain. In my case, whenever I feel some pain I can"t identify, I would be rush over to the chiropractor near me.

You can avoid going under the knife.

If you"ve kept your injury for a long time, you might find yourself opting to undergo surgery which is costly and rather ineffective. Many people get disk operations but ultimately still suffer from discomfort after spending thousands of dollars. Consider surgery to be your last resort and never your first option.

A car accident chiropractor uses non-invasive techniques such as spinal adjustments and stretches that would help you get back on track. What more could be more assuring than undergoing a natural and more affordable treatment?

You can avoid medications.

People would often pop in some painkillers to get rid of their excruciating pain, but the truth is, the medicine just hides the pain and never promotes any healing. Moreover, there is a higher possibility of letting yourself be more drug-dependent which can do some undesirable damage. With prolonged use, some medications can bring damage to your liver and other organs.

However, chiropractic care offers a drug-free treatment with the principle of letting the body undergo a natural healing process. You don"t need painkillers to stop the pain, but you need to find the root of the problem and let the body work on the damage.

Say no to chronic dysfunctions.

A small injury can turn into a serious medical condition if left untreated. To add, you also have a higher probability of being susceptible to future injuries. Sciatica or whiplash would not only give your physical misery but also could bring a huge impact on your emotional welfare. Just because it"s minor, doesn"t mean you should just ignore it. Visit a chiropractor Jacksonville, FL to get started.

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10-Minute Routine For Weight Loss

Do you always sit in front of your computer and forget to stretch out because you have been so focused to finish all those tasks on time? This article is for you because it will show a 10-minute workout plan that will fit into your busy life. You can do these exercises during your short break. You can rotate these 10-minute routines twice a week or whenever you wanted to do it more. You can do one set of each exercise and can decide the time you will take a rest. You can repeat each exercise according to your preference. This exercise list is suitable for all because it is very easy to do.

Chair Squats


Stand in front of a chair then feet hip-distance apart and your toes should point forward.
Lean your chest slightly forward then bend knees. Tap but make sure not to sit at the bottom of the chair, then stand up.
Keep your weight in your heels and keep knees over toes.
Repeat this 8 to 10 times.

Modified Push-Ups


Get down on all fours, knees together.
Walk your hands out and lift your feet
Move your hands slightly wider than your chest.
Your head, neck, back and butt should be in alignment.
Keep your abs tight, bend your elbows and lower chest toward the floor then press back up.
Repeat this 8 to 10 times.

Butterfly Abs


Lie on your back and place your soles together
Relax your knees out to the side.
Place your hands behind head, with your elbows out.
Tightening abs, lift chest and shoulders up then release back down.
Repeat this 8 to 10 times.

Chair Dips


Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair, with hands next to hips.
Slide your bottom off the edge and bend elbows up to 90 degrees.
Make sure to keep your back close to the chair then push back up.
Repeat this 8 to 10 times.

Standing Hip Extension


Stand with your feet hip-distance apart.
Shift your weight to your right foot and extend your left leg behind.
Lift and lower your left foot, squeezing your butt.
Use a chair for balance.
Repeat this 8 to 10 times then switch

Tip – Take down notes

If you are serious about losing some weight then you need to write down what you eat. With this, you need to plan a balanced meal. This is one of the best ways to help you stay on track and can monitor your eating habits and the foods you eat every day.

Top Benefits Of Green Smoothies

This is one of the healthiest foods that needs to be part of your regular diet. To some, green smoothies are already a part of their everyday meal because of the known nutrients. A green smoothie a day can change your life into healthier and more energetic. 8761976567_9d17a34a95_b

Most people do not eat green leafy vegetables. Drinking green smoothies is one of the best ways to get your greens without chewing them. You have the option to add fruits that you like and blend them according to your own taste. One to two cup of every day is recommended. This article will discuss the top ten benefits when drinking green smoothies regularly.

  • They are nutritious because they contain 40% organic ingredients and 60% of fruit mix. There are no added flavors or sugar that makes them suitable even for people who are suffering from any major or minor health disorder.  
  • They are easy to digest. The combination of fruit and green cells get ruptured easily. They are a perfect blend of fruit and vegetables. With this, this makes it easy for the body to absorb all the nutrients. Fiber rich food aids in your body’s digestive system.7838583286_7d982ed6c2_k
  • They help in maintaining the cholesterol level of your body. It also improves your immunity to colds and flu.
  • They are best for kids. They don’t need to chew green leafy vegetables. You can try to combine fruits with leafy vegetables. Fruits such as mango, strawberry or apples are very popular fruits to blend with green leafy vegetables.
  • They are antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables such as cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries ranked highest among the fruits studied. Beans, artichokes, and russet potatoes were tops among the vegetables.
  • They give you more energy. Apples, hummus, quinoa, salmon, eggs, beans, water and spinach are examples of fruits that give you energy.
  • They are good for improving mental clarity.  Junk foods like processed white flour and sugar can block our minds which make our brains feel cloudy.  Regular green smoothies can clear your mind and free up your creativity which makes you more productive.  With green smoothies, your cravings for junk foods will decrease as well. You can try to create a weekly plan of green smoothies recipe. With this, you are able to follow a specific recipe every day. After a few weeks of drinking smoothies, you will find yourself craving healthier foods such as fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Different Types of Exercises

Exercise improves health conditions or diseases. A regular exercise can help you prevent health problems and concerns like stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, certain types of cancer and arthritis. Exercise has four categories. They are endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. Each category is different. You need to do them to get the maximum benefit. Some exercises fit into more than one category. Many endurance exercises build strength and strength exercises also help improve balance.



It is a fact that there are a lot of strength training exercises will also improve your balance. Endurance exercise includes activities that increase your breathing and heart rate. Walking, jogging, swimming, and biking are popular endurance exercises.

Build up your endurance gradually and think of a daily goal. If you are not into exercising for a quite long time so it is good for you to work your way up over time. It seems to be difficult to do it in the beginning because you have been from an inactive lifestyle. Make sure to begin with 5 or 10 minutes at a time. Do it repeatedly for a week or two and then go up to at least 30 minutes. Take note than less than 10 minutes exercise is not enough and will not give you the desired heart and lung benefits.



If you want to make your muscle stronger then strength exercises are recommended for you to do. These exercises also are called “strength training" or “resistance training." Try some small strength exercises and do it regularly in 20 minutes. This can make a big difference.

Planking is one of the most popular strength exercises. You can add planking as part of your regular routine. Through planking, you are working for your major muscle groups in your neck called the traps and this helps your posture. This is a good exercise especially if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk as it helps support your neck. Climbing stairs, carrying groceries, lifting weights, using a resistance band or using your own body weight are popular “strength training" or “resistance training” exercises.



Doing a regular balance exercise help prevent falls which are a common problem to older people. Some lower body strength exercises can also improve your balance. Standing on one foot, Heel-to-toe walk and Tai Chi are the common balance exercises.



When you are flexible, you have more freedom of movement for other exercises and to your everyday activities. It is recommended that you include exercises that can stretch your muscles out. Shoulder and upper arm stretch, calf stretch and Yoga are exercises that you can try to improve your body’s flexibility.